Sunday, March 16, 2008

On Yarn and Dyeing

Saturday was an amazing day. I taught my first hand dyeing class at City Knitting in Grand Rapids, and it was awesome. Why, you ask? Well, first the people who were in the class were pretty amazing in many respects. All were fearless in their exploration of color, intense in their desire to play, and uninhibited in their enthusiasm for fiber arts. So, what better group to have as students in teaching my first class. I am misty...

We were eight on the day, nine with me, and with many more shop customers coming in to peek. I can't thank Kat, Lisa, Geri, Jo, Joan, Sam, Jenna, and Lauren enough for their time and energy in being such amazing students for a first class. Their color ideas were very adventurous and sophisticated, and they had definite ideas about how they wanted to proceed. They also had great taste in fiber, choosing some terrific yarns and loose fibers to work with.

A big thanks as well to Lorilee and her great staff at City Knitting. I can't wait to do it again. Thanks for promoting the class, and many, many thanks for your support over the past three years, and for your enthusiasm about Yarn Hollow.

Enough talk, onto the gorgeousness:

The class from back left: Sam, Jo, Lauren, Geri, me, Kat, Jenna, Lisa, and Joan in front.

Kat's alpaca twist, overdyed with turkey red, golden yellow, and other fiery colors.

Kat, Sam, Jo, and Lauren dyeing!

Lisa and Jenna working hard.

Geri and Kat.