Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thanks Rowan for Showing Us More Great Socks!

Rowan O'Dougherty is a pretty amazing knitter. One of the best I know. Prolific, great tension, adventurous, never-say-can't (check out his lace projects on Ravelry...) type of knitter. He has graciously sent pictures of the socks he has designed using one of the Sock Religious sock flats. The one he chose is a subtle range of browns and caramels.

He designed his sock toe-up, with a double-decrease at the top of the foot to eat the extra stitches from the gusset. It is elegant and shapely.

I love the gentle transitions in colors with a few rows of each color alternating between the various solids.

Check out Rowan's blog for more information about him and his beautiful projects.

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Renee said...

I agree, Rowan is one of the most amazing knitters I know and his sock designs are amazing! I love your sock blanks by the way :)